5. Writing body paragraphs

A well-organised body paragraph supports and develops the argument expressed in the topic sentence, which substantiates the thesis statement in the introduction. You will then need to elaborate on the argument with support from sources. The following is a possible way to organize the body paragraph.

Body paragraph section


Topic sentence


Elaboration of the topic sentence



Concluding sentence

Introduce the argument.


Elaborate on the argument with support from sources.


Round up the paragraph by echoing the topic sentence.


Body paragraph example

The following is a body paragraph of the essay on new media. Notice the content of the different sections.

One argument in favour of new media is that it has contributed to a more egalitarian society.  Relatively easy access to a public platform available to all has made it possible for many more members of society to share their ideas and express their opinions (Jackson, 2017).  Whereas only the views of powerful stakeholders such as government and big business could be heard previously, multiple perspectives on a multitude of issues are articulated today.  Wong and Williamson (2018) argue that this more diverse discussion has the potential to create a better-informed society that understands the complexities of living in a world of competing interest groups.  Decisions at different levels of society can then be made that represent a broader spectrum of the population. Therefore, new media has the promising potential in achieving social equality.

Topic sentence


Elaboration of topic sentence with support from sources





Concluding sentence

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